Currently on display as part of Gallery by the Lake's Summer Open Theme show

My first attempt at a landscape done with paper quilling techniques. Since the circles made up the leaves of the tree, and I was making a tree out of paper...full circle.😉

Gallery by the Lake's exhibit space is located on the 2nd floor of Historic City Hall

This exhibit will be on display until Sept. 16, 2023.

Historic City Hall is open Tue-Sat, 10am-6pm

One Dot at a Time

currently on display again as part of the Summer Open Theme show

also included in Gallery by the Lake's "Special Things Around Us" show

Historic City Hall, Lake Charles, LA 


These 4 pieces were on display at Historic City Hall as part of Gallery by the Lake's "Special Things Around Us" exhibit. This time, I went for consistency of technique instead of subject. Stippling - drawing with just dots - involves changing the density and sometimes the pen tip size to achieve shading and depth. I'd done one stippled piece in high school, and hadn't tried it since. After using several different green pens for the shadow of the absinthe spoon, I decided to attempt full color for the first time, and I like how it turned out.


Turtles All the Way Up

included in Gallery by the Lake's "Zoo View" show

Historic City Hall, Lake Charles, LA 


If you like to make your own interpretations on the meaning behind art - stop reading now. Turtles have been a sort of totem for me my entire life, so when I learned the theme of the exhibit ("Zoo View"), I formed an idea of variations on the turtle, representing my journey of trying out new creative techniques. Most of my art experience has been in pencil drawings, so the first piece was a realistic sketch, and since I was sticking to what I knew, what was safe, it was "In My Shell," as was the turtle.  My recent return to art found me trying out alcohol ink markers, but using them on canvas, going for a somewhat "stained glass" look. So the next one was "Going With the Flow."  I then discovered a new technique for me (through another piece) that involved base colors of acrylic paint but adding highlights and shadows with markers after. Since it was only the second time trying that, this turtle ventured out across the road - "Taking a Risk."  The last one was created without me thinking it would even go in the show. I wanted the turtles to get progressively more 3-dimensional as they came out of their shell, and paper was what I had in mind. I'd seen paper quilling and just kind of took some of the ideas and did whatever - play - freedom. I wanted the turtle to be free. In space. I envisioned it as outer space, but as I made it, I thought "Well, it might be inner space." In both cases a "Departure." I'd also read a quote recently that "space and time are relative to the individual observer—we carry them around as turtles do their shells." So those words are featured in the shell. So the series is "Turtles All the Way Up" instead of "Turtles All The Way Down" (look up the origin of that phrase if you've never heard it.)

included in Gallery by the Lake's "In Depth" show

Historic City Hall, Lake Charles, LA 


This piece was first on display in the Henning Cultural Museum's "Chaos Theory" show (9/8/22-11/5/22).

The theme of 2022's Chaos Theory show was "The Atomic Age and the Unknown." I chose to take the words of Einstein's letter to FDR which prompted the Manhattan Project and use them to draw his silhouette. (Then filled in his hair with E=mc²)